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I was having a dream about a cheese that tasted of apple pie Anyone else have that dream ? You're all missing out
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My name's Aurélie, I’m 24, French, and I love British TV-Shows, such as Doctor Who, Merlin and Sherlock. I love reading, especially fantasy with magic and romance. I recently read The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce and The study serie by Maria Snyder. (And in my head Numair and Valek are absolutely irresistible). I love the Lord of the Rings. It was the first fandom I was ever in. I got the books when I was like 12 and I saw the films just after. I'm actually pretty sure that Aragorn and Faramir entirely shaped my taste in men. I love many ships and I have several OTPs (yes I know you can normally have only one but it's too hard to choose). I love Gwaine/Leon, The Doctor/Rose, Aragorn/Arwen (my oldest OTP), Daine/Numair, Remus/Tonks. And others depending on my mood. In 'real' life I'm really shy and awkward so I apologize in advance if I'm not really talkative. But I would love to talk to you about anything. So don't hesitate to ask me something. You can send whatever you want in my askbox.

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Cheese tasting of apple pie
Welcome Here

I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing
And all of this because of an overdose of fanfictions

24, French
Doctor Who| Merlin| Sherlock | Tom Hiddleston |Richard Armitage | Supernatural | David Tennant | Owl City | Harry Potter | The Lord of the rings | The hobbit |Once Upon a Time | Many other things
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